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Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

A lot has changed since last Easter!

Emery was just precious last Easter in her cute little dress (10 weeks old), but this year was so much more fun because she could participate more!  We spent the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa D, and on Saturday, Emery went to her first Easter Egg Hunt at St. Mark's!

At first she had no interest in the eggs, and the older kids were scooping them up from under her.

But with some encouragement, she was able to put some eggs in her basket (I think we ended up with 8)!

She may not have been the biggest competitor, but she definitely enjoyed running around.

After the hunt, we headed out to a patch of bluebonnets to take some pictures.  Those will have to be in their own post because I have about 3 million pictures to sort through.  I took pictures on my camera and phone, Grandma took pictures on her camera, Grandpa took pictures on his camera, and Daddy took pictures on his phone.  See - I'm not the only crazy picture taker!

Easter Sunday started with a lovely church service.  St. Mark's (finally) has a new priest, and he was very enthusiastic.  The nursery was not open, though, which meant I had to entertain Emery (quietly) for over an hour.  She did okay, but I was tired!

She is constantly on the move, so I had a hard time getting good pictures of Emery in her Easter dress, but I did snap one on my phone as she ran around outside the church.

  She changed into something a little more comfy after church.

And Grandma made yummy strawberry bellinis, as well as a delicious Easter dinner (complete with a homemade strawberry pie)!

I would say Easter was a success, and now we are enjoying a mini-vacation in San Antonio since Daddy has the week off.  I hope you all had a wonderful Easter too!

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  1. Wow her hair has gotten so much lighter! And these pictures are too cute for words.