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Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Check In: Week 3

Why did I want to do this again???

This week was not very successful.  I did jog/walk 3 times for 30+ minutes and I increased the jogging to walking ratio, but my knees were really giving me trouble.  I barely made it through the 3rd run because of the pain, and I decided not to go for a 4th.  I guess this is what happens when you go from not exercising at all (and being fat and pregnant) to exercising...

Week 3 Stats (8 weeks PP)
Weight GAINED:  +0.1 lbs.
Total Lost:  29.6 lbs.
Remaining Weight:  13.4 lbs.

I really want to continue the jogging, but I think I need to give my knees this week to rest.  Walking doesn't seem to bother them, so I am going to try walking but increasing the distance.  Hopefully I can at least maintain this week since I'm sure I will be eating a lot next weekend when we head to SM to visit my parents.

Finally, just for my real life and blog friend Marisa, here is a picture of what I look like these days.  Sorry - no biggest loser style flab shots.  This will have to do!


  1. You look absolutely wonderful! Motherhood definitely agrees with you.

  2. I still have 18 pounds to go. We will get it off. I still have to wear my maternity jeans :( You are doing great girl