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Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Check In

Since I started exercising and trying to lose the baby weight, Monday has been my "weigh-in" day.  I've decided to start posting on Mondays to keep myself accountable!  Since I started two weeks ago, I will give a quick recap.

I gained a total of 43 lbs. during my pregnancy!  About a million people told me not to worry, that it would come off quickly/easily after I had E.  Maybe it will, but I think their ideas of quickly and mine differ a bit.  I am VERY impatient!

The first 25 lbs. did come off quickly/easily within the first 2 weeks after delivery.  By the time I was cleared to exercise, I was down 27.5 lbs. with 15.5 left to lose.  DISCLAIMER:  I was technically underweight when I got pregnant (despite having put on 10 lbs. by drinking Ensure), so depending on how I look as I go along, I may stop before I lose all the weight.  We'll see!

During Week 1 I did one short hip-hop dance workout video (~20 minutes) and walked/jogged 3 times for 30+ minutes each.

Week 1 Stats (6 weeks PP)
Weight Lost:  -0.9 lbs.
Total Lost:  28.4 lbs.
Remaining Weight:  14.6 lbs.

During Week 2 I walked/jogged 4 times for 30+ minutes each and increased the jogging.

Week 2 Stats (7 weeks PP)
Weight Lost:  -1.3 lbs.
Total Lost:  29.7 lbs.
Remaining Weight:  13.3 lbs.

I would love to have pictures to show you of my progress, but that sounds terribly embarrassing, so I will skip that!  Wish me luck this week!

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  1. I vote for picturessss! Also, I had to drink Ensure when I had jaw surgery and I think it's the grossest stuff ever.