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Sunday, April 10, 2011

8 Weeks

We had a very busy week!  E probably doubled the number of places she's been, and for the most part she did great.

Highlights from this week include lunch and shopping with Grandma K, a visit to see Mrs. F and her new little man JP, and dinner with friends from church.

Things we are looking forward to this week:
*E will be 2 months old on Wednesday!
*We are taking our first trip to SM next weekend to see Grandma and Grandpa D (Mommy is FINALLY getting her hair done)!

Thing we are NOT looking forward to this week:
*E gets her first big round of shots on Thursday :(
(I've heard this is not a pleasant experience...)

And of course I will leave you with a  couple of cute pictures from this week:

Hanging out with Aunt D

Lounging on the couch

Quality time with Kayla

Relaxing in the front yard on a beautiful Sunday afternoon

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