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Friday, July 13, 2012

17 Months

I thought I'd do a monthly post since it's been awhile!

Emery is going nonstop most of the time, so her weight has kind of stalled out.  She weighs about 24.5 pounds.   I have no clue how tall she is, but she was 32 inches at her 15 month appointment, so taller than that.  She wears a size 4 diaper, size 5 shoe, and 18-24 month clothes.

Lately Emery LOVES to dance, and it's so funny to watch.   Abraham said she gets that from me, and I think he's probably right.  Most nights before bedtime, we turn Alvin and the Chipmunks up really loud and have a dance party!

She also dances randomly sometimes when there is no music.  She may or may not have also gotten that from me...   

Peek A Boo is another favorite in our house right now.  There is a space between Emery's crib and the wall that is her favorite spot to hide.  Watching her jump out with glee over and over again is hilarious, but it makes getting her changed or dressed difficult!

Emery is a good nighttime sleeper most nights, sleeping between 11 and 12 hours.  We are in the process of switching from 2 naps to 1, and I'm not enjoying the process!

Emery is a picky eater, which I'm hoping is just a toddler phase and not here to stay.   I was incredibly picky through college, and I do NOT want her to take after me in that respect!  Her favorite foods are fruits, carbs, and dairy.  I have to be a little more creative with meat and vegetables.

So far, Emery has 14 teeth and 2 more on their way in.  I'm ready for them to make their appearance so we will be done with teething until the 2 year molars.   Her first dentist appointment was in May, and she was not a fan!

If there is something to get into, Emery will find it!  Her favorites include the trash, the toilet, dog food/water, and the dishwasher.

She loves to "help," which may or may not actually be helpful. For example, what goes in the trash can is not always trash!  It is really cute to watch her pick up her toys or put clothes in the washer, though.

It's hard to believe Emery is almost a year and a half old! She will be starting Mother's Day Out this school year, and I am so nervous and excited!

Have a great weekend!

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