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Saturday, May 24, 2014

3 weeks

Hazel was 3 weeks old yesterday! Time is flying as I knew it would...

I love taking pictures while she's sleeping because she looks so peaceful. 

But I also like capturing the funny faces she makes when she's awake!

And quite possibly my favorite thing is taking pictures of my two sweet girls together.  Emery adores her little sister!

I took some selfies with each girl this week.  Since I'm alone with the girls most of the time, I have to make sure I get in the pictures too!

I also did a little side-by-side comparison of Emery and Hazel around the same age.  They are definitely related!

Hazel is NOT a fan of bath time, but she does like being wrapped up in a towel after bath. 

And thanks to a good friend who is letting me borrow some baby gear, we tried out a sling this week.  As you can see, Hazel gives it two thumbs up.

And of course, here are a few pictures of my big girl from this week. 

Emery's school is celebrating the last 10 days of school with theme days.  Thursday was crazy hat day. 

And we pulled out last year's 4th of July dress for a little Memorial Day patriotism. 

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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