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Friday, May 9, 2014

1 Week

 Hazel is 1 week old today!  

This week has gone fast since we brought her home on Sunday!

I am really trying to take it all in since we plan on our family being complete, and I know how fast these sweet moments pass. 

Our first week with Hazel has been wonderful.  She sleeps and eats well and only really gets upset when she's naked!

We got out of the house on Tuesday for Hazel's first doctor visit.  

When we first brought Hazel home, Emery wasn't too sure about her and mostly kept her distance.  After a couple of days, she warmed up to her and now gives her kisses about 963 times a day!

Like I said, I'm trying to really soak up this stage, so that has included a lot of baby holding!  She loves to snuggle!

Since she doesn't have as much hair as Emery did, we are experimenting with accessories.  This particular headband was a fail!

We have a snazzy new double stroller, and today I felt up to taking a walk, so we tried it out for the first time.  Emery makes Hazel look tiny, and Hazel makes Emery look huge!

And of course I can't leave my big girl out.  She wore her finest Cinco de Mayo outfit to school on Monday and looked adorable!

Have a great Mother's Day weekend!!!

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