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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Emery

When my due date came and there was no sign of Emery, my doctor scheduled an induction for the following Tuesday.  Emery had other plans.

On Saturday, I started worrying that my water had broken.  I hadn't experienced the typical gush, so I wasn't sure.  I called the doctor and she wanted me to get checked out just in case, so we packed up and headed to the hospital.  Here is a picture right before we left.

My cousin Ginger works in labor and delivery, so she checked me out and told me that my water had indeed broken 2 1/2 days before.  This can cause a risk of infection, so they started me on pitocin right away.

Here is a timeline of my labor:

5:15 PM got to hospital
5:50 PM found out water broke
6:15 PM IV started
6:40 PM pitocin started
7:30 PM start feeling uncomfortable
9:00 PM threw up and was given meds for nausea
10:20 PM asked for epidural
10:40 PM got epidural
11:15 PM epidural kicked in  (great decision...see picture below)

11:30 PM catheter inserted and cervix checked (thin and 5cm)
1:00 - 3:00 AM tried to sleep
3:00 AM cervix checked (10 cm ready to push)
        call dr (20 min away)
        can already see long dark hair
3:30 AM start pushing

Overall, I think my labor went really well.  It was what happened next that was kind of scary...


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