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Sunday, August 7, 2011

25 Weeks

Our week started off pretty dull, so mid-week I took E out to run some errands and kill some time shopping (with our eyes only, of course).  That turned out to be a bad idea because my wallet and car keys were stolen out of the cup holder on the stroller.  Talk about a panic when I realized that I had no money, no phone, and no way to get home!  (Note:  When I explained my situation to the employees at TWO different stores that shall remain nameless, I was told there was no phone I could use to call someone to come get me and my BABY!)

Thanks to the kindness of some strangers who let me borrow their phones and my handsome husband, Emery I made it home.  And I was extremely lucky that whoever stole my wallet ditched it (minus my cash, of course) and someone found it!  What a great ending to an otherwise miserable day.

E worked on sitting more this week and got much better.  She can sit unassisted for several minutes at a time.

 (she was showing off her temper here!)

We made a last minute decision to visit Grandma and Grandpa D in San Marcos this weekend, and it was a nice getaway!  Grandma K and Solomon and Delilah even stopped by to visit on their way back to Houston. We also got to visit with Miss Candace who's a new Bobcat! 

E was worn out from all the running around!

E's first visit to Garcia's (mommy's favorite hometown Mexican food - so much better than Herbert's)!

Here are some other pictures of my cutie:

(suction cup toys are AWESOME!)

I couldn't choose between these next pictures, so I added them all.  She just looked so cute - gotta love baby shoes!


Oh, and remember that time I said I like to mess with E's hair after her bath?  Yeah, I did it again...

Have a great week!!!

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