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Thursday, October 13, 2011

8 Months

8 months already???

We don't go to the doctor again until next month, but here are our at-home measurements:

Height: about 28 3/4 inches
Weight: about 20 pounds

Not much has changed in the eating department.  Still four 7 oz. bottles a day and 2 solid feedings.  She is eating a little more at each solid feeding, and I'm really trying to work in a 3rd solid feeding, but I need her to drop a nap first!  I'm also trying to work in some thicker textures, but so far she is not a fan.  We continue to offer new foods, the most recent being cauliflower!

(Are we done yet?)

I've said for months she was sooo close to crawling, and yet she still isn't!  We gained some insight into this issue at our appointment with the specialist last week.  Her specialty is pediatric rehabilitation and spasticity management.  After carrying Emery around, she mentioned that she has really loose joints and will struggle with crawling.  It made so much sense because E gets up on her hands and knees and then just falls right back down EVERY time.  The doctor showed us some things we can do to help her build strength in her hips, but she does NOT enjoy them!

I'm so excited about spending the approaching holidays with this cutie!

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