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Sunday, May 8, 2011

12 Weeks - Happy Mother's Day!

Emery and I didn't have much to do at the beginning of this week, which was nice.  On Friday, we went up to my school to celebrate the birthdays of two of my coworkers.  It was fun, but short (darn 30 minute teacher lunch breaks).  Later that day, we picked up supplies to make 2 tutus.  I have finished one, and it was so much fun!

And of course, today was Mother's Day!  E has a special message for all the mommies out there.

We started off the day at church, where Emery was dedicated to the Lord.  If you read my post about Emery's books, you can add one more (for a total of 110)!  Our church was kind enough to give Emery a children's story Bible to celebrate her dedication.  I am excited to add this into our bedtime reading.

E had two fun milestones this week.  First of all, she started laughing, which is hilarious!  I wish I could capture it on camera, but I haven't been able to so far.  She also started being much more interactive with her toys.  I had told Abraham early in the week that I was worried because she didn't really bat at her toys, and the next day she decided to prove me wrong.  She's been batting, kicking, and grabbing ever since!

As always, here are a few more cute photos from this week.

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  1. I lOOOOOOOVE her Hair :-) She is like a little doll!