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Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Check In : Week 8

I am extremely happy with this week's results because I was really busy, and I was worried I might gain a little (especially after last week's great loss).  I tried to watch what I ate, but we spent a 3 day weekend at my parents' house and that can be dangerous for the waistline!  I did run/walk 4 times this week (including once at my parents' house).

Week 8 Stats (13 weeks PP)
Weight Lost:  -0.8 lbs.
Total Lost:  35.1 lbs.
Remaining Weight:  7.9 lbs.

I go back to work tomorrow, so I am worried about finding the time (and energy) to run.  BUT, I move around much more at work than I do at home, so maybe that will help!  

I reached my ice cream goal!  I lost just the right amount to be able to enjoy a bowl of ice cream.  I might make this count and treat myself to some Cold Stone Creamery.

My motivation to keep it up this week:  bikini.  I tried on a bikini this week just for kicks, and I decided that with a little more work, the right cut of bathing suit, and some decent sun exposure, I could totally wear a 2 piece this summer (maybe not the beginning of summer, but sometime this summer)!

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